Week one – learning lots

That was week one of four. We had 42 questions sent through for answering on a wide range of subjects:

What do you think of the answers given? Please use the comments on each question to probe more and to ask for more information if you want it. Be bold.

On Wednesday we had a lively chat session that lasted a full hour. Our next is at 8pm on Monday evening. Just log in and go to learning.imascientist.org.uk/talk

Next week sees a new group of five scientists take centre stage. Keep the questions coming.

Iroise Dumontheil

Lecturer, Birkbeck, University of London

I'm a Scientist Learning Zone Scientist“I am mostly interested in the prefrontal cortex, which supports aspects of higher cognition, in particular cognitive control, (the control of thoughts and behaviours to achieve goals), and social cognition, in particular our ability to think about our own thoughts and other people’s thoughts.”

Ian Devonshire

Lecturer, University of Nottingham

I'm a Scientist Learning Zone ScientistIan is interested in how young people’s intrinsic motivation to learn is a key factor for academic success and how the belief that one’s own ability does not match up with what is required can be highly de-motivating.

Joseph Devlin

Head of Experimental Psychology, UCL

I'm a Scientist Learning Zone Scientist“My research focuses specifically on the brain-basis of this difference. Interestingly, there is no single area of the human brain dedicated to language that differentiates us from other primates such as chimps. Instead, the differences may be related to how information is integrated across brain regions. “

Kathrin Cohen Kadosh

Research fellow, University of Oxford

I'm a Scientist Learning Zone Scientist“My research looks at how improving social cognitive abilities during childhood and adolescence relate to concurrent functional and structural brain development, and whether these developmental changes differ in anxious children.”

Emma Norris

PhD Student, Epidemiology & Public Health, UCL

I'm a Scientist Learning Zone Scientist“II investigate a range of public health-related topics, with my PhD focusing on improving physical activity in children and activity’s relationship to educational outcomes.”


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