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There have been four eggcellent live chat’s as part of the event so far, and we’re planning to do more. We have another one booked today (Monday 27th April) at 8pm (BST) and it would be great if you could come in and take part.

Here’s a little peak at a reoccurring theme, from the last live chat..

A chicken's egg by Sun Ladder for Wikimediamrgsimpson: Is there a best breakfast students can have that might help them be good for short term memory?
Kathrin: @mrgsimpson nutrition is not my field but I believe the consensus is that students need to make time for breakfast at the very least. which isn’t always a given
Kathrin: @mrgsimpson have been following the eggs debate, no view on that still out on that one
mrgsimpson: I still want to know whether eggs are good or not.
Lia: @mrgsimpson I will see if we can get someone else on the egg question
mrgsimpson: Is this all true? Eggs are full of vitamin B12 as well as lecithin. Vitamin B12 helps to fight against brain shrinkage, which is often seen in Alzheimer’s disease.

The egg debate continues.. Do you have any answers or questions? Has anything been answered that you disagree with? Is there anything you’d like more information on? Add a comment

Also, did you read the article in the Guardian about the event? Here’s the link, if you haven’t already – Can neuroscientists dispel the myth that children have different learning styles? Written by I’m a Scientist alumni, Pete Etchells. If you’ve seen any other interesting #edneuro articles, add a comment below so we can share them.

Drop by today at 8pm to take part in the discussion.

We’ll be doing live chats every Monday at 8pm and Wednesday at 4pm while the event is on.

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