• Question: I was wondering if people know of good studies supporting either side in the 'math' wars ? My suspicion is that skils learning makes ypu good at precisely that, and rote learning likewise just makes you good at that. But is there much evidence to suggest which approach has more merit generally ?

    Asked by burkey912 to Sean, Matt D, Daniel, Chris J, Anna R, Alice on 29 Apr 2015.
    • Photo: Sean Talamas

      Sean Talamas answered on 29 Apr 2015:

      Tough question. Most of the literature that specifically mentions ‘math wars’ are commentaries, books, or opinion pieces – each of these are quite biased and discuss policy more so than neuroscience. When I reflect on the issue, I think about Blooms Taxonomy and how rote knowledge is often necessary before being able to apply knowledge to more complex situations. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about the area (nor could I find any decent literature in the area) to help answer your question more specifically.


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