• Question: Is it effective to employ wrote learn of definitions to ensure pupils can parrot it back when their current linguistic skills make it hard for them to reliably construct their own versions without losing scientific meaning?

    Asked by cumbersd17 to Paul, Jo, Jessie on 8 Jan 2018.
    • Photo: Jessie Ricketts

      Jessie Ricketts answered on 8 Jan 2018:

      if you train children on definitions then they will learn some or all of those definitions, depending on how complex the they are and how much training they get and over what period of time – more learning will result from simpler definitions, more training, some spacing of the training over time. However, deciding whether this is effective depends on what your goal is. If you want the. To use words flexibly in varied contexts then different aspects of meaning will need to be taught either directly or via a range of experiences. Word learning is incremental and happens over many experiences and a long time frame.


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