The Science of Learning Zone is now open!

This fortnight we have 6 scientists available to talk to about the facts behind the headlines on Topic 1: Learning and Remembering:

  • Ask Yana about memory and metacognition.
  • Chat with Paul about the role of multisensory attention in shaping literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Question Lucy about the development of attention and memory and their role in academic achievement.
  • Talk to Liz about the development of spatial and numerical cognition.
  • Quiz Jo on how we learn which spellings correspond to which sounds when learning to read.
  • Pick Jessie’s brain about reading and oral language development in childhood and adolescence.

Live Chat

Log in on Wednesday 10th January, 8pm – 9pm to join a live chat with neuroscientists and psychologists about how young people learn.

ASK Questions

Post questions to the scientists at any time over the next fortnight using ASK.

For example: “Is there research about the optimal amount of time between study sessions to improve pupils’ factual recall?”

It’s not all about teachers asking questions…

Take advantage of the chance to tell researchers what you need in order to develop your teaching and learning practice.

Don’t keep it all to yourself!

The Science of Learning Zone isn’t just for science teachers, please spread the word and invite colleagues in other departments, including support staff, to get involved in this project.


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