Here comes Topic 3: Early Development

In early years a child’s brain makes 1,000,000 new connections every second.

First to develop are brain circuits for vision, hearing and language. Reading, writing and maths will develop later. Key factors influencing early development include the amount of language a child interacts with, seeing printed text, and improving fine motor skills. Read about these in the topic summary and get into conversation with our 5 focused scientists.

  • Speak to Katie about how spatial skills support maths learning.
  • Quiz Mark about handwriting interventions and fine motor skills.
  • Talk to Emily about neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Chat with Rebecca about early numeracy skills and the role of attention in the learning process.
  • Ask Sarah about phonics and factors affecting engagement in reading.

Ask Questions

Use ASK to post questions about to specific scientists at any time over the next fortnight. Early development or anything else about the Science of Learning that is useful to you.

ASK is the perfect place to generate a longer discussion other teachers and professionals can join by leaving comments.

We’ve already had a number of Early Development questions, click here to read them and join the conversation.

Live chat

Join the live chats with about Early Development and how children learn:

  • Thursday 8th February, 8-9pm
  • Tuesday 13th February, 8-9pm

Get the dates in your diary now, we’ll remind you before each chat.

A question for teachers

The researchers want to hear from you too! Comment to add your answer about how you keep up to date with research on educational topics:

When you are interested in knowing about the research on a particular topic, what approach do you take? Do you read primary research articles or summaries and digests? Are there particular sources to which you refer frequently?

Don’t keep it all to yourself!

Please spread the word and invite colleagues in other departments or any primary teachers you know who may be interested in Early Development topic.

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