Early Development Live Chat – Thursday 8th – 8pm

In a child’s early years their brain is making more than a million new connections every second. It’s an essential time for learning. For primary teachers especially, but also fascinating for anyone with an interest in how the brain works.

This evening, 8pm GMT, Rebecca, Mark and Sarah are on hand to chat about early years development. We hope to see you there.

The highlights of all our chats are here: learning.imascientist.org.uk/category/live-chat-transcript

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In the Learning Zone:

Researcher Liz Toomarian wants to know more about where teachers get research. Please let her know how you go about learning more about learning. Or is research too inaccessible?

The most popular question this week has been about the use of mobile phones. Most research mentioned seems to indicate banning phones in schools might improve performance. Divided attention anyone? What are your views? Is banning an option?

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