Here’s Topic 5: Evidence in the classroom

“Being an evidence-informed professional is a moral duty” says Daniel Muijs, Head of Research at Ofsted, but there’s “still a big issue of fads in education. Not enough clarity of what is real evidence and what is the latest idea from a TED talk given by someone one who went to school 20 years ago.”

Navigating research and trying to establish what is relevant or reliable can be a real minefield. So how exactly can teachers keep themselves informed with evidence in the classroom? Read more in the topic summary and join the conversation this fortnight with other teachers and the following researchers:

  • Talk to Richard about randomised controlled trials, evidence-based practice in education and teacher training.
  • Ask Sara about her experiences running studies in collaboration with teachers.
  • Speak to Carolina about how she uses principles from cognitive psychology to develop teaching and learning strategies.
  • Talk to Paula about using psychological theory to develop and evaluate teaching and intervention strategies.
  • Chat with Alex about about how he makes research into spatial thinking relevant for the primary school classroom.
  • Quiz Courtney about the challenges and benefits of research that links neuroscience, psychology, and education.

Ask Questions

Use ASK to post questions about to specific scientists at any time over the next fortnight. Feel free to ask about whatever you like, whenever you like.

We’ve already had a number of questions relating to evidence and research. Help our researchers understand your views and needs by adding a comment:

See all questions relating to evidence in the classroom.

Live chat

Join the live chats about using evidence in the classroom to improve learning:

  • Thursday 8th March, 8-9pm
  • Tuesday 13th March, 8-9pm.

Get the dates in your planner now, we’ll remind you before each chat.


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