Mindsets & Metacognition – join the chat, 8-9pm tonight

There is some evidence that a growth mindset can benefit learning but when you look behind the headlines, evidence to support the teaching of growth mindsets is unclear. What’s your view on the topic? Join us tonight at 8pm to share your thoughts and discuss how mindsets and metacognition affect your students’ learning.

Last week’s chat featured discussions on how to support students struggling to put their ideas into writing and the evidence behind pair work. Catch up on the highlights here.

Questions on mindset and metacognition:

I am interested in meta -cognition – what is the earliest age that children are really aware of their own learning ability?

It would be great if you had any advice on how to establish a growth mindset in children?

We try to encourage student response to feedback via metacognition. But it simply doesn’t work as well as I’ve read… Do you have any advice or alternatives that I could put into practice…

Use ASK to post your questions at any time over the next fortnight. Feel free to ask about whatever you like, whenever you like. There are over 50 scientists available to answer your questions, see the full list here.

In the news

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Metacognition and self-regulated learning (Guidance Report) – Education Endowment Foundation, 26th April 2018

The power of believing that you can improve – TED talk (Carol Dweck)

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