How does mental health affect learning?

Examinations, deadlines and difficulties with friends can result in pressure and stress for students (and teachers). Join us this fortnight to explore how mental health impacts learning with other teachers and the following educational researchers:

  • Discuss risk factors for mental illness with Christina.
  • Ask Sveta about interventions to support social and emotional cognition and self-regulation.
  • Chat with Alice about how emotion understanding relates to behaviour and school outcomes.
  • Speak with Cat about development of social and emotional processing during adolescence.

When are live chats?

  • Thursday 17th May, 8-9pm
  • Tuesday 22nd May, 8-9pm

Get the dates in your planner now, we’ll remind you before each chat.

In the News

Why Your Brain on Stress Fails to Learn Properly – 2nd April 2018, Psychology Today

Pupil progress held back by teachers’ poor mental health – 23rd January 2018, Leeds Beckett University

The government ‘is failing a generation’ with school mental health reforms – 9th May 2018, Schools Week

School mental health problems extend to primary-age pupils amid cuts to support – 1st April 2018, The Independent

Primary school mental health counselling may help economy, study says – 26th April 2018, BBC News

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