Let’s talk mental health. Join the chat tonight, 8-9pm

With exams now well underway, young people across the UK are facing the challenge of high stress and anxiety levels; this can have a negative effect on students’ ability to learn or perform in their exams. Mental health seems to be as bad as it’s ever been for our young generation but is this because more people are suffering or are we just becoming more aware and talking about mental health more openly?

Come along to the chat tonight to share your opinions and experiences on mental health and find out more about how mental health affects learning.

Increases in mental health issues among students?

Cat summarises the changing state of mental health in young people in response to forda’s question “Has mental health of pupils got worse, or is it more reported?” Comment to join the conversation and share your thoughts and experiences.

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Mental health in the news

Stress and serious anxiety: how the new GCSE is affecting mental health – 17th May 2018, Guardian

The government ‘is failing a generation’ with school mental health reforms – 9th May 2018, Schools Week

Pupil progress held back by teachers’ poor mental health – 23rd January 2018, Leeds Beckett University

Why Your Brain on Stress Fails to Learn Properly – 2nd April 2018, Psychology Today

School mental health problems extend to primary-age pupils amid cuts to support – 1st April 2018, The Independent

Primary school mental health counselling may help economy, study says – 26th April 2018, BBC News

How can I help as a teacher?

Supporting mental health in schools and colleges – Government Guidance

Learning Zone Mental Health topic summary

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