How does Making Learning Difficult benefit students’ learning? Join the chat tonight, 8-9pm

Research supports the idea that providing students with challenging work enhances learning outcomes. Evidence-based techniques that benefit learning include spaced learning, interleaving and elaborate interrogation. Read more, including tips for your classroom, in the topic summary and join other teachers and education researchers tonight, 8-9pm to discuss ways to stretch and challenge students and how this benefits their learning.

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Use ASK to post questions to specific scientists at any time over the next fortnight. Feel free to ask about whatever you like, whenever you like. There are over 50 scientists available to answer your questions, see the list here.

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The final fortnight of the Learning Zone runs 18 June – 1 July. With no topic, this fortnight is an opportunity to explore what interests you most and to tell researchers what you need from education research. A chance to reflect and ask about anything linked to the Science of Learning.

A range of scientists will be available to join teachers in these discussions.

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