Chris Jarrold



Ipswich School (1979-1986), University of Cambridge (1987-1990), University of Sheffield (1990-1994)


Degree, PhD

Work History:

University of Cambridge, University of Bristol

Current Job:

Professor of Cognitive Development


University of Bristol

My Interview

Me and my work

I am a developmental cognitive psychologist, which in plain English means that I’m interested in how children think, and how that changes with age.

Typical day

Clearing e-mails, meeting students, discussing research, teaching, analysing data, writing up research, home.

What topics do you work on?

I work on children’s memory and language, particularly ‘working memory’ and its link to academic skills, and how children learn vocabulary. Some of my research is with children with autism, Down syndrome, or similar conditions.

What methods do you use?

What we call ‘experimental’ methods. We design our own computer-based memory tasks, and then take them into schools for children to have a go on.

Who was your favourite teacher?

Dr Jones (Chemistry) – a real inspiration