Kathy Robinson



Bishop Auckland Girls Grammar School.


BSc Psychology with Ancillary Statistics (London External), MA Online & Distance Learning (Open), PhD Educational Neuroscience UCL- IOE

Work History:

MRC (Clinical Psychiatry then Computing & Statistics) National Hospital for Neurology, Neurosurgery. Open University

Current Job:

PhD in Education Neuroscience – just completed


My Interview

Me and my work

I am interested in students’ experience when they are in a social learning context specifically their socio-emotional experience when communication with other students is mediated by a digital device.

Typical day

Attending seminars, writing. I try to take a trans disciplinary approach so I spend at least one hour per day following up twitter leads to research publications, webinars, blog entries from neuroscientists and learning technologists and also, mainstream education. I also blog from time to time.

What topics do you work on?

The neuroscience of interpersonal interaction, face-to-face and at distance (using digital technologies).
The history on neurophysiology
Distance education

What methods do you use?

A toolkit approach – methods from qualitative, quantitative, EEG, ERP, and EMG

Who was your favourite teacher?

Mr Maguire for A level biology who was terminally ill yet continued to teach and inspire