• Question: Have you looked at the effect of diet on memory?

    Asked by tyrrellt to Kathryn, Catriona on 11 Apr 2015.
    • Photo: Catriona Morrison

      Catriona Morrison answered on 11 Apr 2015:

      I haven’t, but others have. We can look at this in several ways: first, maternal diet and an infant’s cognition. Maternal diet is very important in a child’s mental “strength” a diet rich in Omega 3 is said to benefit the child in memory and cognition more generally.
      Second, in childhood, a typical healthy diet will help children’s concentration and memory skills. It’s pretty obvious that sugary/fatty foods are going to make kids sluggish.
      Third, in older adulthood there are several suggestions for warding off Alzheimer’s Disease, including drinking coffee, eating chocolate, and having a healthy heart.
      The role of alcohol in good health and memory is hotly debated. Of course, a bottle of wine will dint the memory and make everything fuzzy, but scientists hotly debate whether a glass or two once or twice a week actually enhances cognition and health.