• Question: Hi How can current neuroscience research/methodologies/technologies support a more holistic research agenda Many Thanks mpmp

    Asked by mpmp to Jessie, Jo, Liz, Lucy, Paul, Yana on 4 Jan 2018.
    • Photo: Elizabeth (Liz) Toomarian

      Elizabeth (Liz) Toomarian answered on 4 Jan 2018:

      Hi there! Could you explain a bit more about what you mean by “a more holistic research agenda”?

    • Photo: Yana Weinstein

      Yana Weinstein answered on 8 Jan 2018:

      Hi! I have the same follow-up question to Liz Toomarian – I’d love to know what you mean by “a more holistic research agenda”. Many thanks for your clarification!

    • Photo: Paul Matusz

      Paul Matusz answered on 8 Jan 2018:

      Hi there, thanks for the question. I second what Liz and Yana said; I’d imagine you mean the processes that support learning in the classroom, but indeed, please clarify what you meant. 🙂