• Question: I have been giving my GCSE biology students hand-outs with notes from my lesson. Some students insist on writing out the notes or different ones in class before answering questions. Is this a waste of their time or does note making even if it's just copying help with memory and understanding? Dose if prevent a cognitive overload perhaps?

    Asked by Emyr Thomas to Michael, Catriona on 15 Apr 2015.
    • Photo: Catriona Morrison

      Catriona Morrison answered on 15 Apr 2015:

      Just copying will help them absorb the information, I wouldn’t worry about that, and indeed, would encourage it. It doesn’t, obviously, facilitate deep learning, but at GCSE I’m guessing this isn’t necessary. If students were to try it an university it probably wouldn’t work! So maybe this is something to think about: the changing learning culture as you move from school to university.