• Question: In a previous question, Catriona said that eating eggs and getting some omega 3 would be a good way to set yourself up for exams. I thought a big study was done in Scotland that showed Omega 3 had little impact and where does the egg thing come from?

    Asked by mrgsimpson to Emma, Ian, Iroise, Joe, Kathrin on 20 Apr 2015.
    • Photo: Joseph Devlin

      Joseph Devlin answered on 20 Apr 2015:

      I saw the answers to that question and wondered the same. Indeed, it was particularly interesting in light of a specific question about the value of omega-3 fatty acids:

      I read that fish oils are supposed to help with brain function. Please could you explain how this works?

      I think this may be a perfect example of “experts” offering conflicting advice 😉 My understanding (which is limited — this isn’t my field) is that the evidence doesn’t support including omega-3 fatty acids in a breakfast before exams. The effects tend to be more long lasting and most important for people with poor diets who might not be getting enough essential fats otherwise.

      No idea where the egg thing comes from. Hope someone can help out here!