• Question: Some years ago Tracy Tokuhama-Espinosa suggested a model whereby those responsible for teaching become Mind, Brain and Education scientists. Has this model ever been tested and where in the UK would I be able to link with schools adopting this approach?

    Asked by hoslectbap to Michael, Kathrin, Joe, Iroise, Ian, Emma on 22 Apr 2015.
    • Photo: Iroise Dumontheil

      Iroise Dumontheil answered on 22 Apr 2015:

      I am not sure how much this will answer your question, but I am coordinating the MSc/MA Educational Neuroscience, which is a programme taught by the Birkbeck and the UCL Institute of Education. The aim of this programme is to teach a new generation of teachers and psychologists about Educational Neuroscience (or Mind, Brain and Education). Maybe half of our students are teachers who return to teaching after taking the course, and in this sense will become Mind, Brain and Education scientists.
      The programme has only been running for a few years however, and I can’t say that we have been able to “test” the success of this approach.

    • Photo: Joseph Devlin

      Joseph Devlin answered on 22 Apr 2015:

      I’m not familiar with Tokuhama-Espinosa’s “Mind, Brain and Education scientists.” I’m curious what it means. Many thanks.