• Question: We have a school counselor at school. At what stage do you think it is sensible to refer a student to the school counselor? When they say things like 'when x happens, I feel like maybe there is something wrong with me' or is it better to wait until issues manifest in self-harm or poor results or crying often?

    Asked by allierinck to Michael, Katherine, Daniel, Catriona, Anna, Alice on 14 Apr 2015.
    • Photo: Catriona Morrison

      Catriona Morrison answered on 14 Apr 2015:

      At the earliest possible opportunity – without stigmatising the child. And obviously the parents will have something to say about it as well. But if a child is giving off signals of concern this should be dealt with as soon as possible. Why would you wait for self harm/poor results/crying often?

    • Photo: Katherine Weare

      Katherine Weare answered on 14 Apr 2015:

      Absolutely the earlier the better. Problems need responding to before they get out of hand. There is no stigma in getting help at an early stage.

    • Photo: Alice Jones

      Alice Jones answered on 14 Apr 2015:

      I think prevention or early intervention is better than being reactive later on when problems have escalated. School counsellors should be able to help address a child’s worries, and help them to develop strategies to manage in future. This should all be much easier the earlier it happens.