• Question: What are the physical interpretations/applications to learning and teaching for low frequency (1 Hz) and high frequency (100 Hz) stimuli? Low frequency - LTD and High frequency-LTP.

    Asked by Nageswar Rao Chekuri to Masud, Mark, Lucy, Kathy, Kathryn, Duncan, Andy on 9 May 2015.
    • Photo: Duncan Astle

      Duncan Astle answered on 9 May 2015:

      Hiya – I answered this under your other question – hope you spot it. Do let me know if that does not really address your question!

    • Photo: Mark Mon-Williams

      Mark Mon-Williams answered on 14 May 2015:

      Hi Nageswar

      I’m afraid this is outside my area of expertise – so I’m glad that Duncan was able to answer!

      best wishes


    • Photo: Kathy Robinson

      Kathy Robinson answered on 14 May 2015:

      I am going to incorporate your question under the umbrella of neuro-enhancement if that is OK. NERRI is looking at the ethical implications of ‘using neurotechnologies (e.g., psychotropic drugs or brain stimulation devices) to improve cognition and/or behavioral functioning and performance where cognitive and/or behavioral functioning is not judged to be clinically impaired’. Ethical considerations are the starting point for me when it comes to answering your question.