Researcher involvement in the Learning Zone

Teachers say they want to understand more about the science of learning. Researchers in this field also want to engage with teachers.

This Science of Learning Zone, funded by the Wellcome Trust Neuroscience and Education team is designed to connect those two groups. It runs from January to July 2018 with a series of online chats covering 10 different educational neuroscience and psychology topics.

Would you be interested in being one of the researchers in our next Science of Learning Zone?
We are looking for scientists who carry out relevant research to answer questions and take part in live chats with teachers. The whole event will take place online, during term time from January to June, and each scientist will be featured for a two week period, alongside at least four other scientists to help share the load.

We expect that you would answer up to 20 questions over the two weeks, and ideally you’d log in each weekday over the fortnight to answer any questions that have come in. Each week will also feature a live chat, where teachers and scientists can engage in more rapid dialogue for an hour. Finally, we would also assign you occasional questions that might come in during the rest of the event, if they are of particular relevance to your research. All questions (apart from during the live chat) will be moderated, so we would aim to make sure you receive ones that are relevant for your area of expertise.

Researchers who took part in 2015 reported a number of benefits of taking part:

  • A better understanding of teacher knowledge and interests
  • Satisfaction in providing scientific, tailored responses to teacher questions
  • Testing the real-world value of their research
  • New research ideas, based on teacher comments and conversations with other researchers
  • A good opportunity to bring taxpayer-funded research findings to the public

We cannot offer financial compensation for taking part.

If you are interested please email Annie Brookman-Byrne with the following information:

  • Name
  • Institute and position
  • Staff web page (if available)
  • The topics which you feel are relevant to your research
  • One sentence description of your research